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27.11.2017: My first PhD student, Pedro Costa, (co-advised by Miguel Correia, IST-ULisboa) has graduated! He was “approved with distinction and praise”, unanimously. Well done, Pedro!

05.10.2017: Our paper “The KISS principle in Software-Defined Networking: a framework for secure communications” (extended version here) was accepted for publication in the magazine IEEE Security & Privacy. Well done Diego, Cátia, Paulo, and Jiangshan!

18.09.2017: Invited talk @ European Peering Forum on “Securing the Internet at the Exchange Point”. Slides here.

06.09.2017: Our paper Secure Network Monitoring Using Programmable Data Planes has been accepted for the SN-2017 workshop (security in NFV/SDN, co-located with IEEE NFV-SDN 2017). Well done Fábio and Nuno!

16.05.2017: Our paper “Chrysaor: Fine-Grained, Fault-Tolerant Cloud-of-Clouds MapReduce” has won the best student paper award at CCGRID 2017. Well done Pedro and Miguel!

03.05.2017: I’ll be giving a keynote on “secure network virtualization with user-centric clouds” at the 3RD IEEE/IFIP Workshop on Security for Emerging Distributed Network Technologies (DISSECT).

22.03.2017: Our paper “Secure and Dependable Multi-Cloud Network Virtualization“, describing the architecture of Sirius, our multi-cloud network hypervisor, was accepted to XDOM0 (joint workshop with Eurosys I am co-chairing). Congrats to Max, Eric, and Nuno.

18.01.2017: I have received the Best Researcher Award 2016 from LASIGE, “in recognition of the outstanding scientific research developed during 2016″. :-)

18.01.2017: Our paper “Chrysaor: Fine-Grained, Fault-Tolerant Cloud-of-Clouds MapReduce” was accepted to appear in CCGRID 2017. Well done Pedro and Miguel!

15-18.01.2017: I have participated in the Dagstuhl seminar on Network Function Virtualization in Software Defined Infrastructures. The main goal was to start defining a research agenda on the topic.

10-11.2016: My students André Mantas (score: 18/20), Frederico Brito (score: 17/20), Luís Ferrolho (score: 18/20), Nuno Ferreira (17/20), and Tiago Santos (17/20) defended with success their MSc dissertations. Well done, guys!

06.06.2016: Our paper “Towards SUPERCLOUD Computing: User-Centric Security and Dependability in Cloud of Clouds” was accepted for publication in IEEE Cloud Computing.

13.05.2016: I gave an invited talk in the SDN Workshop 2016 at Stevenger, on securing BGP using SDN. The talk was based on our preliminary work An SDN-based approach to enhance BGP security.

04.03.2016: Our paper “Blending photons with electrons to reduce the energy footprint of IPTV networks” has been accepted for presentation in IFIP Networking 2016. The idea is to shift popular TV traffic to optics to save energy. Thanks to Jon Crowcroft and Ian White for all the help!

26.02.2016: I’ll be serving on the TPC of the ACM SIGCOMM Global Access to the Internet for All (GAIA) Workshop, co-located with SIGCOMM’16, and also on the SIGCOMM’16 poster and demo committee (the poster session includes the ACM Student Research Competition). Send us your high quality ongoing work, as it will be an excellent occasion to have fruitful discussions. Meet you in Salvador, Brazil!

18.02.2016: Our paper (Literally) above the clouds: virtualizing the network over multiple clouds was accepted for IEEE NetSoft 2016. In this paper we present the preliminary network virtualization architecture we propose for the SUPERCLOUD project. Excellent work Max and Nuno!

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