I am very fortunate to work with excellent students and reseachers:

Current students


- Diego Kreutz: building robust and secure Software Defined Networks (SDNs) (now at University of Luxembourg, co-supervision with Professor Paulo Veríssimo)
- Pedro Sá da Costa: building robust distributed computation engines (Map Reduce and siblings) (co-supervision with Professor Miguel Correia)
- Regivaldo Costa: BGP security with SDN
- Max Alaluna: multi-cloud, resilient network virtualization platform.
- Túlio Silva: distributed SDN control


- Bruno Nunes: network migration
- Diogo Pinto: network coding and P4
- Fábio Pereira: secure monitoring sketches
- João Paulino: efficient network virtualization
- Pedro Alves: smart routing for smart grids
- Rui Marques: CCN and P4
- José Soares: live network migration
- Pedro Maia: secure monitoring and traffic engineering with SDN


Ricardo Fonseca, working on secure network monitoring
Eric Vial, working on network monitoring and fast networking


2016 – André Mantas, “Consistent and Fault-tolerant SDN controller” (18/20). Consultant @ InnoWave Technologies
2016 – Luís Ferrolho, “Secure and Dependable Virtual Network Embedding” (18/20).
2016 – Frederico Brito, “Fast Reroute using Segment Routing for Smart Grids” (17/20).
2016 – Tiago Santos, “Intrusion detection and response on mobile devices” (in Portuguese) (17/20). Consultant @ EY
2016 – Nuno Ferreira, “Preventing DoS Attacks in Multi-Domain Optical SDN” (17/20). Lead security tester @ Coriant GmbH & Co. KG
2015 – Cátia Magalhães, “Towards Secure Software Defined Networks” (17/20). Junior IT Consultant @ KCS iT | Java Developer.
2015 – Rodrigo Medeiros, “Secure network monitoring for a secure smart grid” (17/20). Consultant @ Horizon Portugal
2014 – Fábio Botelho, “A Consistent and Fault-Tolerant Data Store for Software Defined Networks” (19/20). Software Engineer @ Cisco
2014 – Tiago Posse, “A Software Defined Networking Architecture for secure routing” (17/20). Penetration Tester @ INTEGRITY S.A.
2014 – Gonçalo Semedo, “Load balancing in real Software Defined Networks” (16/20). Associate Professional @ Celfocus
2013 – Marcos Vasco, “Emulating SDN applications with a Software-Defined networking architecture” (17/20). Junior IT Specialist @ ING.
2012 – Vitor Leitão: “IPv6: a new security challenge” (16/20) (CMU-FCUL Master program). IT Security Engineer @ Portugal Telecom.
2011 – Carlos Silva: “Reducing CO2 emissions in optical networks” (ISEL). Junior technical consultant @ CGI.
2011 – Márcio Almeida: “Propagation of Radio over Fibre signals” (ISEL). Telecommunications Engineer @ Nokia Solutions and Networks
2011 – Ruben Jerónimo: “Radio over Fibre: a comparative study” (ISEL). IP & Security Network Engineer @ Nokia

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