- uPVN, “User-centric Programmable Virtual Networks”, Oct 2018 – Sep 2021, My role: Principal Investigator; Budget: ~230k€


2015-2018: H2020 SUPERCLOUD (6.9M€ total; our budget: ~600k€)
2014-2017: FP7 SEGRID (3.7M€ total; our budget: ~400k€)
2012-2015: H2020 BioBankCloud (2.1M€; our budget: ~400k€)
2011-2013: SecFuNet, Security for Future Networks
2011-2013: TRONE, Trustworthy and Resilient Operations in a Network Environment
2002-2003: CYBERAL, Broadband in Rural Zones
2001-2002: IST SHUFFLE, An agent based approach to controlling resources in UMTS networks
2001-2002: IST CRUMPET, CReation of User-friendly Mobile services PErsonalised for Tourism, Times Higher Education article on the project.
2000-2001: IST TONIC, TecnO-ecoNomICs of IP optimised networks and services

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