13.09.2014: Our survey “Software-Defined Networking: A Comprehensive Survey” was accepted to appear in the Proceedings of the IEEE! Well done Diego, Paulo, Christian, Siamak, and Steve. You can check the arXiv version here. We would like to receive feedback from the networking/SDN community to make it sort of a “live document” that gets updated and improved based on your feedback. We have set up a github page for this purpose. Thanks in advance!

08.07.2014: Our paper “On the Design of Practical Fault-Tolerant SDN Controllers” has been accepted for EWSDN 2014. Great job, Fábio, Alysson and Paulo.

22.04.2014: Our abstract “Anchors of Trust for Secure Configuration and Trustworthiness Assessment in SDN” has been accepted for presentation in the WiP/Fast abstract track of DSN 2014. Well done, Diego and Paulo.

About me

I am an Invited Assistant Professor in the Department of Informatics, at the Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon. I am also an integrated researcher at the LaSIGE – eXtreme Computing Lab, where I integrate the Navigators group.

Until 2010 I was a supervisor in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that I also lectured at the ISEL and at the University of Aveiro. But my first job before settling in academia was as a junior researcher in Portugal Telecom Inovação, back in 2001. And I also did an internship in Telefonica Research Barcelona, in 2009, where I worked with Pablo Rodriguez and Xavier Amatriain.

I hold a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge, where I have worked with Jon Crowcroft and Ian H. White. I also hold an MSc Degree in Telecommunications from Queen Mary University of London (supervised by Laurie Cuthbert and Manuel Duarte) and a Licenciatura (roughly equivalent to BSc+MSc) in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Aveiro.

Research interests

Generically, I am interested in computer networks, communications, and systems. “Designing a better Internet” could be my unpretencious motto. ;-) More specifically, my current interests are Software Defined Networking, network virtualization, and cloud computing.

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