18.01.2019: My MSc student João Paulino has graduated! He got a 16/20 score on his work on network embedding algorithms. Well done, João!

10.12.2018: Our paper ANCHOR: logically-centralized security for Software-Defined Networks was accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (formerly known as TISSEC). Well done Diego, Jiangshan and Paulo!

01.10.2018: Our paper The KISS principle in Software-Defined Networking: a framework for secure communications appears in the current issue of IEEE Security & Privacy.

01.09.2018: Our paper “Named Data Networks using Programmable Switches” was accepted to the 1st P4 Workshop in Europe. Congratulations to Rui and Salvatore!

01.06.2018: I am serving on the PC of the 1st P4 Workshop in Europe. Send us your best P4 work, and let’s meet in Cambridge!

01.05.2018: I am co-organising, with Justine Sherry, Nate Foster, Gianni Antichi, and Theo Benson, a Dagstuhl Seminar on Programmable Network Data Planes, to be held on April 2019.
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About me

I am Assistant Professor in the Department of Informatics, at the Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon. I am also an integrated researcher at the LaSIGE – eXtreme Computing Lab, being a member of the Navigators group. I am also a member of the MEF Research Council.

Until 2010 I was a supervisor in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Prior to that I also lectured at the ISEL and at the University of Aveiro. But my first job before settling in academia was as a junior researcher in Portugal Telecom Inovação, back in 2001. And I also did an internship in Telefonica Research Barcelona, in 2009, where I worked with Pablo Rodriguez and Xavier Amatriain.

I hold a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge, where I have worked with Jon Crowcroft and Ian H. White. I also hold an MSc Degree in Telecommunications from Queen Mary University of London (supervised by Laurie Cuthbert and Manuel Duarte) and a Licenciatura (roughly equivalent to BSc+MSc) in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Aveiro.

Research interests

I am interested in computer networks and communication systems. In particular: network programmability (Software-Defined Networking and siblings), network virtualization, network verification, and cloud computing, with security and dependability as orthogonal concerns.

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